My housemate’s using the heating too much, what should I do?

Relationships and money expert Matt Whyman answers a tricky question about heating in a shared house situation.

frosted window

“I live in a shared house where we split the bills. My housemate always wants to have the heating on but I’m concerned about our energy bills. How best to address this situation?” – Jess

Ah, the heating question! It’s a timely one for sure, and I share your concerns. Everyone has different attitudes to keeping warm, but for some more than others the question of cost can be a big factor. The way forward is to establish some ground rules that keeps you both happy. So, rather than insisting that she doesn’t put the radiators on until there’s ice on the inside of the window, consider setting the heating on a timer in a way that’s within your budget. Often, just discussing the heating within the context of cost can make people aware that it isn’t simply free!

It really is a question of finding some middle ground – literally so you’re not freezing or sweltering – and then reviewing the situation regularly. Not only do the seasons change but also financial circumstances, so it’s important to keep talking.

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