How can I budget well at Christmas?

Nick, from the Money Advice Service, gives us tips on how you can budget well at Christmas.

girl holding out present

“What would you say to anyone reading who’s thinking ‘that’s all well and good, but it’s Christmas next week, so much for budgeting!’?”

So true, but it is possible to have a great Christmas that you can afford. For example I’m doing secret Santa with my family. So we’re only having to buy one really good present for one person. It saves lots of time and makes it more likely the person will get something they really want and need. Another good one is doing your research online to find the best deal before hitting the stores to see if you can beat the price.

Another one is to try trading down on food. You can make a game of it by doing a taste test with friends and family. You never know you may prefer the cheaper version and if you do, you can save all year round.

Also have a think about what makes Christmas special for you. For me it was about unwrapping things and seeing all the wrapping paper on the floor. So my other half wraps up low cost things we’d eat on the day, just so I can get that feeling.

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