Enter the Community Challenge

Have you got a great idea to inspire your community? Would you like a £400 grant to bring this idea to life?

If you’€™re aged 16-25 and have completed the Money Masterclass, enter the Money for Life Community Challenge today!

Money for Life’€™s Community Challenge gives you the chance to design, develop and deliver your very own community project“ and put those newfound money management skills into action.

Is there any funding?

Yes! You will be given a grant of £400 to spend on your project. Your youth worker can also claim a £200 for their time facilitating and supporting you in your project.

Are there any requirements for the project itself?

We’ve made the Community Challenge as straightforward as possible. There are just a few requirements your project must meet to be eligible for Community Challenge funding:

  • Your project will share with others in your community at least two topics or skills you learned in the Money Masterclass
  • The project should reach a minimum of 12 people in your community
  • The project will be delivered within 3 months of receiving the grant, by a team of 8-12 people aged between 16 and 25

Are you ready for the Community Challenge? Here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Get your group together.
  2. Plan your project using our Community Challenge session guide.
  3. Now you’re ready to complete the quick application form here.

Need some inspiration? Check out some previous Community Challenges projects

Community Challenge Spotlight

Back in 2013 an inspirational young person, Martin Berisford, took up the Community Challenge in his local area of Coventry and made a raging success of his money motivated project. The heart of his project was about helping others through raising the profile of the credit union, to supporting young people with their financial skills and money management in a hands-on way.

Find out more about how Community Challenges changed Martin’€™s life here


If you have not completed the Money Masterclasses, get in touch by e-mailing us at MoneyForLife@ukyouth.org to find out more.