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Valentine's Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

In need of a more budget-friendly Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, Money for Life is here to help. Check out our blog below and for more tips, make sure you check out our latest relationship advice blog here.  Roses are red, violets are blue, daisies are cheaper, so I’m giving them to you… Valentine’s Day is […] Read more >

January Blues

5 ways to beat those January blues

So the partying and festive celebrations are over and now it’s back to the routine of work or studying…how exciting *rolls eyes* Waiting a life time for that next pay check or student loan feels bad enough but then there are the long nights, cold days, credit card bills and that added pressure of having […] Read more >


6 cheap ways to stay healthy on a budget

When you ask someone about their New Year’s resolution, chances are many will have healthy eating and fitness at the top of their agenda. Apparently 1 in 7 of us are now members of a gym and 47% of 18-34s have changed their eating habits towards a healthier diet. “But what if I’m a student […] Read more >

Apprenticeship Photo

Why I’d highly recommend an apprenticeship – Guest Blog by Ray Rooney

I’m Ray and I’m the Social Media & Communications apprentice at NE Youth, as well as a Money For Life champion. I’ve been an apprentice here at NE Youth for nearly 2 years now, having joined the organisation in January 2017. My main jobs at NE Youth are managing our various Social Media channels, creating […] Read more >

6 tips on how to become a smart shopper this Black Friday

Ahh…Black Friday – the pre-Christmas shopping period that every shopper lives for! The day in which thousands of items are expected to be discounted across major high street stores and online retailers. With huge discounts to be found, it’s hard not to get caught up in the retail frenzy. But while it may seem like […] Read more >

Become cash confident this Youth Work Week

As part of NYA’s Youth Work Week (#YWW17), we caught up with Kara from UK Youth member SLYNCS to hear about her experience with Money for Life and how youth work has helped her become a cash confident Money Champion. Here’s what Kara said… I first got introduced to the Money for Life programme when […] Read more >

Bank balance giving you the frights?

What do the taxman and vampires have in common? They both suck the life out of you until you’re dead Today may be Halloween but that’s no reason to feel frightened about your finances, despite our hellish attempt at a joke! That’s because today is also World Savings Day… A national day that dates back […] Read more >

Need to make some money while at Uni? Follow these 10 simple tips

As part of our #HeyFresher campaign, we’ve linked up with graduates Amina (@IAmInAPlace ) and Kyomi (@WadingWade ) to bring you some top money saving (and making!) tips while studying at University.  Check out their video here and comment with your own student money life-hacks using #HeyFresher to win a £100 voucher. Read more >

The student life: how to live cheaply (or for free!)

When people think of students, they often think living off beans on toast, blowing budgets, and scrambling for money to get through until the next Student Finance pay day. While this can definitely be the case, people often don’t realise the amount of stuff students can get really cheap or for free if they search […] Read more >

students jumping with exam results celebrating

Got your A-level results? Now it’s time to think about your next steps¦

Congratulations! Whatever your grades, today you have reached a milestone you’ve finished school/college and now it’s time to enter the next stage of your life. If you’re going into work, an apprenticeship, uni, or haven’t quite decided what’s next for you, check out our tips below to get a head start. You’re beginning full-time work […] Read more >

young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley below

Travelling on a Student Budget

Travelling on a Student Budget Let’s be honest, one of the best things about university is having time off and having the opportunity to go on holiday with family or friends. However, being on a tight student budget doesn’t mean you can’t jump on a plane or train to get away for a few days […] Read more >

three young people celebrating with certificate and trophy

Apply to get involved with the Money for Life Community Challenge today!

Apply to get involved with the Money for Life Community Challenge today! Money for Life’s Community Challenge has relaunched! We are giving young people the chance to design, develop and deliver their very own community project. Community Challenges provide a real opportunity to put the new money management skills you’ve learnt through the Money Masterclass […] Read more >

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