My 3 favourite Money for Life features

UK Youth Big Music Project champion HBoss talks about helping design the Money for Life programme and the three money support tools he’s most excited about.

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I’ve been waiting for you ALL MoneY LIFE

After months of hard work, sweat, dedication, countless meetings, and about 50% of Yorkshire’s supply of tea bags, the long awaited launch of Money for Life is here.

Hi, my name is HBoss a UK Youth Big Music Project Champion and up and coming musician and entertainer. For the last few months I’ve been working alongside UK Youth, The Mix and Lloyds Banking Group to help design this fantastic new Money for Life programme across the UK.

I remember the start of Money for Life like it was yesterday. Wednesday 24th August 2016, officially the hottest day of the year – walking into my first co-creation session which was held in Hackney Wick with Bigga Fish social enterprise. My initial thought was that day would be a small discussion where they might ask us a few questions and show us a few pictures. However, that day I didn’t realise just what I would be getting myself into… (a ridiculously hot room.. 😛 but the cool refreshments and snacks did help ;D). Who knew I would be privileged with the opportunity to participate and contribute in something that has the tools to set up young people like myself for financial stability and success?

Within this first meeting I was honestly surprised in how involved and valued our feedback was, we partook and aided in the creation of exercises and training modules that went from me writing down on a piece of A3 coloured paper to me recently trialing a live version of the website with the designer. I was involved throughout each part of designing Money for Life, from choosing colour schemes and text fonts at the UK Youth office, to working out the kinks of logistics and functionality at The Mix’s office. Not only have all parties involved worked alongside us young people but they have also empowered us to have a major voice in leading the direction and delivery of the programme.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been lucky enough to test the Money for Life website and programme and I’ve chosen 3 key features which I think you’re really going to like:

Forums – Create your own profile, choose an avatar and join the online community. Choose from the various different categories where you can post your thoughts, views and experiences as well as network and socialise with like-minded people.

Expert Chat – A chance to ask questions and receive expert advice and tips through the online group chat sessions which are run the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Online Training – Receive great financial tips and training via the Moodle platform from the comfort of your own home and earn a digital badge improving your online professional CV.

Not just as a co-creator but also from a user’s perspective, I would strongly recommend Money for Life to any and every young person if you want to get and remain in control of your finances. The benefits are endless!

A massive shout out has to go to UK Youth and The Mix who have a worked hard to ensure this programme is delivered for us in the right way and to the Lloyds Banking Group for funding the programme 🙂

Wow, what a long journey it’s been… I’m defo going to miss all the free biscuits 🙁 but in all seriousness, thank you for the learning curve and experience- glad we got there in the end.

I hope you guys enjoy it!




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