Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine's Day on a Budget

In need of a more budget-friendly Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, Money for Life is here to help. Check out our blog below and for more tips, make sure you check out our latest relationship advice blog here. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, daisies are cheaper, so I’m giving them to you…

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for many, it can feel bitter sweet. You go onto Instagram and all of a sudden you’re showered with people uploading posts in 5* restaurants and lavish spontaneous trips.

With such seemingly high standards, it’s hard not to feel pressured into cashing out on things you can’t afford for the people you love. But if you’re a 90’s baby, then you’ll remember what J –Lo said…

‘Love don’t cost a thing.’

…ok, maybe spending a small amount might help. But the point is, you can spend within your budget and still show appreciation for your partner, family or friends. All it takes is a little creativity and some savvy thinking.

Here are a few cheap and cheerful gift ideas that won’t make you spend a fortune…

Cook an amazing dinner

Anybody can go to a fancy restaurant, but putting time and effort into a special home cooked meal is far more impressive. Plan a nice dinner (just not the usual spag-bol), light some candles and boom… you win! Here are some quick and easy recipes that will still have you bragging like Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen.

Make a short video

Expressing your love and letting them know 10 reasons why you’re super thrilled to have them as your Valentine. The great thing about this is you get to plan, edit and strategise what you’re going to say in a fun, playful and creative way. Oh…and it’s free!

Plan a spa day

We all love spas. They’re peaceful, relaxing and just a great way to escape and unwind. Contrary to the belief that they are expensive, you can always find great Valentine’s Day Groupon deals online that offer amazing prices from £30. Plus you get 15% your first deal when you sign up.

DIY gift box

Showcase your artistic flair! Plus it’s a nice way of celebrating your best shared moments together. Here are is a quick guide on how to make one from scratch.

Take a free taster class

Swap the dinner table for a dance floor, or a chance to get behind the bar. Many local venue’s run free courses such as salsa-dancing or cocktail-making classes. A group activity is a great way to take the pressure off facing each other if this is your first Valentine’s date.

Now that you’re all set, let us know how you get on. What other gift ideas have come up with? Follow and share with us @MoneyForLife on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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