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Pointless Purchases We’re all guilty of it at one time or another – buying something we don’t need, then not returning it. Or worse – something we don’t even want. You know the feeling, you’re out shopping and you spot that gorgeous goldfish walker or the ingenious shoe umbrella and you convince yourself that you […] Read more >

Celebrities share their Money for Life tips

What’s your money story? Ashley Banjo, Trevor Nelson, Dina Asher-Smith and JJ Hamblett exclusively share their cash confessions

Money stories – we’ve all got them. From that time you desperately saved up for the must-have toy to the joy of your first pay cheque landing in your bank account; we all have fond (and actually some not so fond) money memories. We asked a host of well-known stars including Diversity’s Ashley Banjo, BBC […] Read more >

Money for life launches with celeb endorsement

Celebrities support youth charities’ money management programme launch

Stars of music, entertainment, sport, and dance speak out for young people at launch of UK Youth’s Money for Life.   A host of famous faces have spoken out in support of young people’s charity, UK Youth’s new Money for Life programme. Ashley Banjo (Diversity), Trevor Nelson (BBC Radio 1 & 2), Dina Asher-Smith (Rio […] Read more >

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My 3 favourite Money for Life features

I’ve been waiting for you ALL MoneY LIFE After months of hard work, sweat, dedication, countless meetings, and about 50% of Yorkshire’s supply of tea bags, the long awaited launch of Money for Life is here. Hi, my name is HBoss a UK Youth Big Music Project Champion and up and coming musician and entertainer. […] Read more >

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