Need to make some quick cash? 6 ways to boost your earnings

It’s January, and there’s a good chance you’re skint. So when you add in the long nights and miserable weather it’s not the greatest month to be stuck at home with no cash.

We’ve teamed up with Be Clever with your Cash to bring you the 6 easy things you can do to boost your funds

Get up to £150 for switching your bank

One of the quickest ways to get some decent cash is to move your bank account. Most high street banks will offer some kind of incentive to get you to switch over to them. Some even offer a cash bonus ranging between £75 and £150 depending on who you are with.

Sell your old stuff

This is a good excuse to have a clear out and see what you can sell. There are obvious things like clothes you don’t wear anymore, but even broken tech can sell. We all know about EBay, but you can also sell the things you don’t need or use on Facebook’s Marketplace and the app Shpock, or even set up a stall at a boot fair.

One of the biggest earners could be your old mobile phone, and there are specialist sites where you can get a quick quote, though if you take your time you’ll probably get the most cash from eBay.

There are also websites geared to buying your unwanted books, games, DVDs and CDs. The amount for each won’t be huge but it all adds up. Try Ziffit, CEX and We Buy Books.

Use cashback sites

Even with low funds there will be some things you need to buy, so make sure you’re making money at the same time by using cashback sites such as Quidco or Topcashback.

These pay you a small percentage of the sale which you can then cash in. There are apps too which do the same for your supermarket shop – but only when you buy certain products.

Earn a little on the side

One surefire way to get more money is to do some extra work. There’s the obvious stuff like babysitting or dog walking, but you can also try things like mystery shopping. You’ll need to sign up to an agency, but you could find yourself getting paid to secretly shop or eat at restaurants.

You can also make some cash online. We’re talking pennies here, but hey, they all count. My fave easy earner is Qmee, which pays you as you search online.

I’m not really a fan of online survey sites as the reward can be quite low for the effort, but if you’re sat on the bus or waiting for a mate in the pub then there’s no harm taking five minutes or so here and there.

Switch your bills

If you’re paying the bills there’s big money to be found by moving to a better deal. The average saving for switching energy is said to be £300 a year, which works out as £25 a month. It’s possible to cut your mobile bill down to £10 a month by going SIM Only, no doubt saving another £20. And you can do the same with your TV and broadband bills.

Yes, you might be splitting some of these costs with housemates, but it could still easily put another £30 to £50 in your pocket this month. Check out more information about how you can save money on your bills.

Check for benefits

Finally, there are all sorts of benefits and grants you might be able to claim, from help if you’re a student through to support for parents and carers. The website will show you if there’s some cash you’re missing out on.

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