5 ways to beat those January blues

January Blues

So the partying and festive celebrations are over and now it’s back to the routine of work or studying…how exciting *rolls eyes*

Waiting a life time for that next pay check or student loan feels bad enough but then there are the long nights, cold days, credit card bills and that added pressure of having to face new challenges. With all these dull moments – it’s no wonder January can feel like the gloomiest month of the year.

The good news is, there are things you can do to stop you feeling down in the dumps that don’t cost a thing. This month, join us by saying “no” to January blues and follow our five tips to keep you and your bank balance smiling.

  • Self Reflect – Instead of wallowing, accept that January will be less fun than the festive period. Look at January as an opportunity for some self-reflection and take advantage of a quieter few weeks. Use that extra time to consider what you would like to do, learn or achieve this year.
  • Set SMART goals – Let’s face it, we have all fallen victim to making bold New Year resolutions that evaporate by the end of the first week in January. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, try to be (S)pecific in (M)easuring smaller, (A)cheivable goals you can (R)ealistically reach in a reasonable (T)ime frame.
  • Commit to an exercise plan – Exercise is good for us, plain and simple. Not only are there obvious physical benefits, but psychological ones too. Did you know, the chemical hormones released in our body when exercising naturally improves our mood making us feel happier? Beyond that, it’s also a great way to socialise. If the gym isn’t for you, try joining a sports club or simply go for a jog in the morning.
  • Get some daylight – During the winter season we all tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold. But in doing this, have you ever noticed you start to feel sluggish? It’s no coincidence, as you are most likely lacking sunlight and vitamin D. So, wrap up warm, plan in a regular lunchtime walk during work or get out on the weekend while the sun is up. Even with our dreary British weather, some winter sunlight will positively affect our mood.
  • Plan a holiday – While your bank balance may not be saying much right now, planning and scheduling a holiday in your diary for later in the year is a great way to pre-occupy your mind with positive thoughts to tackle those January blues. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip overseas either – simply a quick weekend getaway that gives you something to look forward to. Check out our ‘travelling on a budget’ top tips here.

Training yourself to have a different mind-set can go a long way in beating those January blues. Put these tips in action and you’ll be on your way! Let us know how you get on and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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