Say no to January Blues


Blue Monday! Forget it. We’re going to turn it on its head and transform it into Bloom Monday. Yes, instead of a day of can’t do misery, we’re making it a day of can-do growth.

So before we all walk around looking glum, let’s start with the myth of Blue Monday – because that’s all it is, a marketing-led myth. Blue Monday, the third Monday of the year is supposedly the most miserable day of the year when we’re all magically made aware that our pockets are empty, the bills are coming in, we’ve not yet been paid this month if we’re working, and we’re still struggling financially to make good on all the money we splashed out at Christmas.

But that’s enough of Blue Monday… Now let’s focus on the more positive and wholesome Bloom Monday, which comes without PR nonsense and is simply based on the premise that positive thinking can banish those winter blues.

So rather than hiding under the sheets and wishing the day away, we suggest the opposite. Get up early, and make this a day for sorting out all those financial nasties you’ve been putting off for ages.


Let’s do this together:

  • Got unopened bills on the kitchen table, staring you in the face and making you feel guilty as hell? Open them, and work out how you are going to pay them. Knowledge is power right? And remember we’re here to help you gain that knowledge.
  • If you’re self-employed, there’s only 15 days to go to get your tax returns in. Do it today! Do it now!
  • Have you been promising you were going to chop up that credit card because you can’t trust yourself with it? Get those scissors out. Snap, snap. And if you’re concerned about debts, check out our article to find out who can help.
  • Have a clear out – after all a tidy house makes a tidy home. Is your rubbish someone else’s gold? Go on eBay, get rid, and make yourself some much needed money.
  • Make a compilation of your favourite uplifting songs. (Nothing financial here, just a nice thing to do!).
  • The above bullet point was a lie – now use this playlist as background music while you make a financial plan for the year, and work out if you are balancing your books. Set yourself a target and an incentive for reaching it with our Pennies to Pounds saving app.
  • Read up on how to make yourselves meals on the cheap. Here are some tips on how to eat for as little as 26p a portion
  • Contact a free debt-advice charity if you’re in financial trouble. You can get free expert advice at Money For life on the second Wednesday of every month.


As part of turning Blue Monday into Bloom Monday we’re launching #NoJanuaryBlues, and asking you to think of one uplifting money-related thing that has happened to you. Maybe somebody gave you back that fiver you dropped on the street, or you invested in a family business that suddenly skyrocketed, or a friend that helped you out in need. Whatever the gesture, we want to hear from you. Check out our Facebook for more info.

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